Friends say Las Vegas woman remains on life support while alleged shooter on the run

Published: Apr. 26, 2023 at 11:10 PM PDT
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LAS VEGAS, Nev. (FOX5) - A woman was shot, her friend’s car was stolen, and the suspected shooter remains on the run.

Saturday morning, Tabatha Tozzi called her mom and a friend saying she was trying to get away from her boyfriend. By the time they got to her, it was too late to save her. FOX5 spoke to those closest to the victim outside of UMC Wednesday.

“She literally was an angel on this Earth,” said Ashley Galvan of her best friend. “The most amazing person, she could do no wrong.”

A beautiful woman with tens of thousands of followers on social media, friends say Tozzi caught the eye of the wrong man.

“As women, we fail to see red flags because we are covered by the veil of love,” Galvan contended.

Tozzi’s friends say she was at her boyfriend’s home near Cimmaron and Alta Drive around 10:45 a.m. Saturday. She told her mom and friend that her boyfriend of eight months had taken her keys.

“It was a dispute between a couple that just went wrong. Extremely wrong,” Galvan explained. “It is a fatal shot, and there is no coming back.”

Tozzi’s friend who rushed to help says the boyfriend stole her car and he hasn’t been seen since.

“This is a man who she trusted. Who her friends and family trusted. This was a man who we held in a high regard,” Galvan shared. But friends said there were warning signs.

“I could tell because that is my person, my best friend, that there was changes happening. Her not being able to go out when she wanted to go out, talk to us on the phone privately, she had to be on speaker,” Galvan revealed.

Now the 26-year-old remains on life support. Her friends are staying and praying both inside and outside the hospital to let Tozzi know she is not alone.

“It’s the most devastating thing I have ever had to experience. The way that my body, my soul, my mind feels in this moment, I don’t wish that on anybody,” Galvan cried.

Friends and family are preparing to say goodbye. They tell FOX5 that Tozzi has been declared brain dead.

“What we want is justice and what we want is for this man to be found,” Galvan said.

FOX5 is not naming the suspect as we wait for Metro to officially name him as the shooter. They tell us their investigation is ongoing and there has been no arrest so far.

Tozzi was the main provider for her family, paying for all their expenses as well as her grandmother’s in Brazil.

A fundraising account has been set up to help them.