Business owner in Las Vegas’ Commercial Center surprised by emails from Clark County leaders

Published: May. 24, 2023 at 8:23 AM PDT
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LAS VEGAS, Nev. (FOX5) - After Clark County hosted a block party at Commercial Center last week ahead of EDC, businesses owners have been pushing back questioning decisions made before and at the event.

Tuesday, FOX5 obtained surprising emails attacking those businesses owners sharing their frustrations written by two Clark County Commissioners.

“I believe that we have a right to ask questions,” Core Contemporary owner Nancy Good contended. Good sent an email with feedback to a consultant who had reached out to local businesses on behalf of the county before the block party.

“This was supposed to be bringing people to meet us,” Good asserted of the block party, but Good says for many businesses like hers, the opposite happened, people were kept away. A privacy fence was put up blocking the view of her business to concert goers who came to Commercial Center to see electronic music DJ Deadmau5, not to check out businesses.

“Basically, it created an EDC light pre-show, like that has nothing to do with Commercial Center,” Good asserted.

In her email expressing concerns Good wrote:

“I am still maintaining optimism going forward, but the reality is there are a couple of businesses who could legitimately file a small claims suit for loss of business and even small property damage.”

Good’s email was forwarded on to Clark County Commissioner Ross Miller.

Miller responded, “I’m absolutely baffled by the sense of entitlement. What expectation do you have for the obligations of your local government? I’m unaware of any previous local government event with such considerable use of tax dollars, time & resources used to benefit business owners….

This area was determined to be blighted decades ago. It obviously has not improved.

I’m sorry your business had a screen in front of it, Nancy. Perhaps next time we’ll just do less. I’d hate for government to be the anchor that holds back the revitalization of the area.”

Commissioner Tick Segerblom also responded to the email. Good was CCa’ed.

Segerbloom wrote: “These people are ungrateful miscreants and don’t deserve any of our attention or concern. Thanks to your genius Clark County is going to create the best area in Clark County - including the city. Please don’t stop now!!!!”

Though shocked by the e-mails, Good hopes businesses and the county can continue to move forward.

“Maybe somebody had a bad day. I fully know that we all have bad days... I am very appreciative that the county wants to shine a light on Commercial Center,” Good stated.

Business owners in Commercial Center say they were originally told the block party event would be a celebration or renaming of Karen Avenue after the late musician and Vegas legend, Liberace.

FOX5 reached out to Clark County about the emails from the Commissioners and were sent this statement:

“Clark County values and respects the perspectives of our constituents. We recognize that tensions have been high regarding Commercial Center and the Fabulous Commercial Center Block Party, and we regret some of the communication that has occurred. We are hoping to move forward in partnership with residents and business owners in this area as we work to revitalize this important area in our community.” -Jennifer Cooper, Chief Communications & Strategy Officer, Clark County